Anthony Pilcher - 3D Artist

About Me

I'm an experienced and passionate 3D artist, modeler and generalist based in New York City. I create digital assets and design elements for multiple industries, with a focus on video games

I specialize in modeling and texturing 3D props and environments. Additional experience is in character creation, animation, procedural design, user interfaces and graphic design

My clients have included Warby Parker, John Varvatos, BATS-TOI, Sylicon Games, Earthlings.Land, Brick Planet and more

Software I Use

- Blender

- Adobe Substance Painter

- Unreal Engine 5

- Photoshop

- Houdini

- ZBrush

- xNormal

- Grand Designer

Skilled in

- Hard Surface Sculpting

- Organic Sculpting

- Retopology

- UVW Mapping

- Asset Concept